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Our Story
The Verse is building games and digital experiences that transform consciousness and well-being. We build game mechanics around mindfulness, meditation-based techniques (calm focus, equanimity, compassion), prosociality, empathy, and perspective-taking. We believe that games have great potential to improve our wellness and health practices.

Our Projects

Games and Digital Experiences

Adventures In Breath (AiB)

Therapeutic breath practices gamified to reduce stress and anxiety within a compelling and immersive game narrative. Each breath ritual is associated with a scientifically validated breath therapeutic and is expressed within the game through interactivity mechanics and responsive design.

Karma The Six Realm Game

With our proprietary database of prosocial game mechanics, Karma with choice and action, invites the player to experiment with their present situation, enabling the players to experience the notion of choice in an interactive and immersive experience.

Digital Experience

A multi-media and social therapeutic that provides our community with the ability to "walk" in social themes/constructs through the experiences of others.

  • What does GRIEF look like?
  • What does HOPE look like?
  • What does FORGIVENESS look like?
  • What does AWE look like?
WalkXR provides digital experiences that promote empathy, perspective-taking, and socialization. We measure well-being baseline pre and post-experience.

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