A Digital Wellbeing Ecosystem

“Aligning Passion, Purpose, and Impact.”


Who Is The Verse?


The Verse attracts and connects clinicians/academics, makers/builders, artists, visionaries…

Highly educated and intelligent people that are not looking for a “job”. They are looking to develop, express and grow.

The “dissatisfied and disillusioned” - those who have worked on Wall Street, in big tech and big media.

Grad students (MAs and PhDs) wanting to do more with their training and aspirations. And Gen Z’s/Undergraduates looking for purpose and meaning,

Academics and Clinicians, looking for real world applications for their work.

"Every Person Has A Gift To Give. The Verse makes it easier for each person to find and use their passion/purpose/gift in a meaningful way."
Someone / In The Verse Team

Our Projects

Games and Digital Experiences

Adventures In Breath (AiB)

The Verse’s first breath microgame, ‘Adventures in Breath: Solace’, teaches players how to modulate their breath in response to stressful game events by activating their vagus nerve/parasympathetic system (detected through microphone).

Karma The Six Realm Game

Based on players' Karmic Score (psychological survey and game play), players are born into one of the 6 realms of existence (God, Demi-God, Human, Animal, Ghost, Hell) where they employ our human ability to “tend and befriend” to solve challenges and move on to the next levels.

Digital Contents

A multi media/multi social therapeutic that provides our community with the ability to "walk" in social themes/constructs through the experiences of others.